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The total procedure is demonstrated stepwise, please follow that

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a cotton cloth of 2.5mtr & fold it as kurtie shape as per your size. Draw the neck portion(shape) & lower part of kurtie

step 2

spread water by brush no(8/10) around the neck as shown in picture

step 3

immediately spread Sofl acrylic white (227) on that area

step 4

after that touch the deep brilliant purple(264) as roses shapes as shown in the picture

step 5

take some white and apply on those roses & make shades immediately before drying.

step 6

take torquoise blue 222, dark green 206, light green 212, chrome yellow 203, lemon yellow 211 for leaves. Make leaves as shown in picture among those roses in wet condition

step 7

do the same in the lower part of the kurtie, lower part of back side of kurtie & on both hand as shown in the picture

step 8

let them dry. after drying make the out lining by using soft acrylic black 202 & brush no (0/1) on leaves only as shown in the picture

step 9

here mentioned the lining of leaves

step 10

front side of kurtie

step 11

back side of kurtie

step 12

front & hand (painted)

step 13

take a cotton soft cloth(size of 2.5 mtr for dupatta

step 14

dip into water for 15 minutes

step 15

squeeze the cloth as shown in picture & put it on a white paper & keep ready the lemon yellow 211, chrome yellow 203, turquoise blue 222, dark green 206, light green 212.

step 16

apply those colours as shown in picture & let it dry for 2-3 hours

step 17

apply kundans by using no stitch fabric glue on entire of designs in appropriate place only

step 18

kundan work on hands

step 19

kundan work on backside

step 20

kundan work on front side

step 21

clear view of kurtie

step 22

see the soft texture of dupatta (the pic of after drying)

step 23

Complete set of kurtie

You Will Need

fevicryl colours, cotton cloth, brush


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