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It's a blue and white colour kurti .Painted with pink, lemon yellow and white flowers by using FEVICRYL SOFT ACRYLIC COLOURS to give it a printed look, FEVICRYL 3D NORMAL OUTLINERS to highlight your work ,FEVICRYL 3D GLITTER OUTLINERS to spread evenly on

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a kurti to be painted ,FEVICRYL SOFT ACRYLIC COLOURS , FEVICRYL 3D NORMAL OUTLINERS ,FEVICRYL 3D GLITTER OUTLINERS , FEVICRYL FABRIC GLUE ,Brushes ,stones , colour palate for shading and a rag.

step 2

Mark a line in which you want your design .Now, start making flowers with pink ,lemon yellow and white colour for shaded flowers.

step 3

Paint your flowers all over the kurti to beautify it but within the marked area of your design.

step 4

Now make flowers using white and lemon yellow ,that also all over your kurti within the marked area and later mark rough bunches of dots to highlight your design.

step 5

Now you can paint branches and stems to your flowers and join them together to give it a bunch type look and also and also it should give a look of togetherness.

step 6

Now paint the leaves with combination of light green ,dark green ,olive green ,yellow and white colour using mixing palate to give it a shaded look .Now paint the dotted flowers using white and yellow paint. And paint rough bunches of pink colour too.

step 7

When all your design is ready ,now you will take your silver glitter 3d outliner and take slightly on your finger and spread it on flowers evenly .Now take green glitter 3d outliner in the same way apply on leaves. this was to give a shimmer look to your kurti design. And now take your white stones and apply fabric glue on the cloth in center of white and lemon flowers and stick them.then stick pink stones randomly on kurti design and later green stones on tip of spiral green lines on kurti design.

step 8

Your DESIGNER KURTI is ready with the shimmer look and stones to beautify it .with the help of FEVICRYL PRODUCTS.

You Will Need

FEVICRYL SOFT ACRYLIC COLOURS , FEVICRYL 3D NORMAL OUTLINERS ,FEVICRYL 3D GLITTER OUTLINERS ,FEVICRYL FABRIC GLUE ,Brushes ,stones , colour palate for shading a rag and a kurti to be painted ,to show your creation.


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Harleen Caur

Harleen Caur

Posted 5 months ago

Very Pretty. .. Good job???????????? Keep it up..????


Posted 5 months ago

Amazing job and creative work

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