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Floral Design stencil panting Kurti by sangeeta from pune

Soft acrylic colour are very soft. And it easy to paint on Fabric. Also req.very small qty for painting. I so happy about the soft colour for my fabric work specialy on painting.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

1.Take plan any colour kurti. 2 make one floral design stencil by using ohp sheet. 3.Keep the stencil on kurti where you want to paint. 4.Paint the kurti by using soft acrylic col.with the helf of sponge in a very littale qty.of col. 5. Like the same you can paint multiple surface.and kerp it for dry. 6.pls.use news wastage paper inside the dress.

You Will Need

Design stencil of floral. soft fevicryl col. spounge. and plan kurti.


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