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Fabric Painting - Dancing Lady with musical instruments

Fabric painting of Dancing Lady on Kurti with Fevicryl soft acrylic colors.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

1) Take a butter paper and draw the design on it. 2) Trace it on the kurti using blue carbon paper. 3) Refer to the main image

step 2

1) Paint the lady and instruments with fevicryl soft acrylic colors - Ocher yellow-226, Burnt sienna-201, Bril Purple-254, Crimson red-204 as shown in the image

step 3

1) Out line the design by using fevicryl soft acrylic colors - Black-202 as shown in the image 2) Jewellery painted by liquid Embroidery pearl metallic gold-352.

You Will Need

1) Butter paper 2) Pencil 3) Rubber 4) Ruler 5) Blue carbon paper 6) Water container 7) Brush 8) Kurti (cloth) 9) Fevicryl soft acrylic colors like Ocher yellow-226, Burnt sienna-201, Bril Purple-254, Crimson red-204, Orange-217, Chrome yellow-203, Black-202 and liquid Embroidery pearl metallic gold-352


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