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Eyes enable us to see the beautiful world. And this is where the concept comes from i.e. to make an eye for the beautiful eyes. The base is orange as orange is color of optimism and rejuvination which is needed in summers. It is physically and mentally st

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take an orange coloured cut sleeves top and a wooden board like in the image.

step 2

Stretch the cloth and attach it to the board using cloth drying pins and gently draw the eye with high grade pencil such as 6B or 8B.

step 3

Start painting the eye from middle. Paint it black and use any light pearl color to paint shiny part in pupil of eye. And then paint the outer part of it using pearl turquoise blue color ( color code 320) .

step 4

Do the texture with black on blue part and then paint the outer part of eyeball with pearl metallic beige (color code 358).

step 5

Do texture in eyeball with black color(02), pearl lilac(307) , pearl expresso(322) and make the eyebrows with black color.

step 6

Give texture on eyebrows with silver color. And you are done!

step 7

The finished product!

You Will Need

orange sleeveless top, fevicryl acrylic and pearl colours, wooden board, rough brushes, rough cloth, binder (if colors are in powder form)


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Posted 5 months ago

Its awesome :) just shows how much creative one can be ..all d best

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