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This project is a simple make over" of our day today products such as cereal box,packing box and all sorts of cardboard boxes can be utilised

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a cereal box make a slit at the top. Attach a wired handle to the box

step 2

paste the paper around the box,leaving the slit at the top

step 3

now attach some lace trims flowers and embellishments.Here at the bottom I have attached Body spray lids".

step 4

Covered the stand with gold lace..Now you can use it as a letter holder or pack a gift inside this.Or can hold combs,brush and bindi.You can use it in all possible ways according to your convenience.Cereal boxes or precious in this world.Do not throw use it to the maximum

You Will Need

Carton box,lace trim,fevicol, flowers,beads and gift wrapping paper


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