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Calm & Cool Buddha T shirt

opt for calm budhha t shirt this summer . Team it with ur fav jeans or shorts . T shirt is painted by fevicryl soft acrylic colors.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Took a plain t shirt and started making my design

step 2

completed my design made of simple pencil on tshirt

step 3

started coloring My buddha ji

step 4

colored the background colorful with the fevicryl soft acrylic colors. used a card board inside the tshirt as base for my design and pinned it with the help of pins. this way color will not go on the other side of tshirt

step 5

gave finishing and outlines

step 6

let it dry for 24 hours. no need to iron because i am using fevicryl soft acrylic colors and here is my final product. thanks for watching

You Will Need

Plain tshirt, fevicryl acrylic colors, brush, cardboard for hardbase


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