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Be Cool in Summer !

This cotton kurti shows different times of day and seasons. Night and day sun and moon, clouds and rainbow, rain and snow. Blue and green colours have been used predominantly, to make it give a cool feeling in summers.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a plain kurti of your choice, I used an off white smart kurti that can be worn on leggings and jeans. Wash the kurti to clean off all dirt and starch so that the colour can easliy grip the fabric.

step 2

Draw or trace your design on the kurti. As you may notice the drawing on my kurti is very light, because I normally paint directly without drawing or tracing. Also , i made very light pencil marks so that if some lines go wrong i can easily correct them without making the garment dirty. It is always good to use a white or yellow carbon paper or very light handed pencil drawing when working on light shade clothes.

step 3

I started by painting the night sky , using Fevicryl soft acrylic colours and finishing it before moving on to the summer side.

step 4

Then I finished up the remaining portion and gave some final touches to my work.

step 5

Since the kurti was looking out of balance with only the bottom half painted in a riot or colours, I mixed the colours up till the middle of the kurti and painted some butterflies and symbolic birds.

You Will Need

1 cotton kurti, off white colour. 1 set of fevicryl soft acrylic colours. flat brush no. 4 for background , round brushes 0,2 & 4 for the detailed work.


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