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Batik Floral Dupatta

Take plain dupatta. Trace the design with yellow carbon. Fix the dupatta on ring and apply melted wax on design and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the ring and crumple the specific part of dupatta. open it and again fix it in the ring and colou

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take plain Dupatta.

step 2

Trace the design with yellow carbon.

step 3

Apply the melted wax on design with brush.

step 4

Crumple the specific design part.

step 5

Paint the design with Fevicryl Soft Colours and dry the same for 24 hours.

step 6

Sandwitch the design between two papers and iron. You will observe wax will melt.

step 7

Pull the above paper.

step 8

Final batik effect soft colour Dupatta is ready. Finally give dry strokes for border. Apply Fabric Glue and stick sequence for more decoration

You Will Need

Plain dupatta, design paper, Pencil, Yellow Carbon, Meleted wax or tealight, Fabric Glue, Sequens for decoration, Brush, ring and soft colour Mauve (no 215),Deep Brilliant purple(264) and Dark Green(no.206)


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