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Table Decor - Birds in the Nest

A Table Decor, birds with their eggs inside the nest hanging on the moon shape tree, decorated with lots of flowers and leaves.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Make some tight rolls with different colours strip. Take a balloon. Blew as per required size. Put some baby oil over it. Then start sticking the rolls over the balloon without any gaps with fevicol. After 24 hours burst the ballon and u will get a round shape nest.

step 2

Eggs- For eggs make two tight rolls. Press a little bit in the middle to make a dome shape coil. Stick them together to make the eggs.

step 3

Birds- For the head make a tight roll (Black and White Strips). For Body make a loose roll/coil and press in the end to make a petal shape coil. For wings make petal shape coil. Attach all the body parts to make a bird.

step 4

Make some flowers using Comb technique and tight rolls.

step 5

Some Buds and Roses for Decorations

step 6

Some leaves using Comb technique and petal shape rolls.

step 7

For the moon shape tree, I have taken a broken embroidery ring ang a wooden base.

step 8

Colour it with Fevicryl acrylic colour to make it beautiful.

step 9

Stick all the flowers, Buds and leaves to the ring.

step 10

Hang the nest with Quilling chain and stick the birds and the eggs inside the nest.

You Will Need

Quilling Strips, Quilling Tools, Balloon, Fevicol, Baby oil, Broken Embroidery Ring, Wooden piece for base, Fevicryl acrylic colours.


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Posted 7 months ago

Awesome one.....Hats off dear....All the best


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