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Quilled Garden Wall Hanging

This is my first big quilling projects. In this frame I tried to use various technic and shapes of paper quilling.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

To make beveled paper frame first take a chart paper and draw the lines with a pencil according to the diagram above.

step 2

Cut away the parts of shaded. Make a crease line and fold like show above.

step 3

Start assembling the frame.Then fold the border simultaneously inserting the sides of a corner into each other and use glue to fix it.

step 4

I painted violet acrylic colour on border.

step 5

The red flower's petals are made using the husking technique.

step 6

I'm joint two crescent shapes and one for one marquise shape petal of cream colour flowers and combing technique for leave.

step 7

I made tear drop shape and made turkish green flowers and leaves.

step 8

To create fringed flowers with centers, glue together 3 strips.two strips wider width paper, one strip for smaller width ; then cut fringe.Roll entire length of paper into a tight circle.Glue closed. spread the fringe.

step 9

I used marquise shape to make Orange flowers and leaves.

step 10

I jointed two crescent shapes for one petal of pink flowers and combing technique for leaves.

step 11

I used arrow head shape to make magenta colour flowers.

step 12

I made butterfly,honeybee and ladybug.

step 13

The stones I made by assembling small thermocol pieces and painted it with grey acrylic paint.

step 14

Stick all the quilling flowers leaves, insects and stones accordingly and decorate the whole frame and now cover it with a transparent sheet.

step 15

Size of the finished work is 47 x 35 cm, with framed in a 4cm deep shadowbox.

You Will Need

Chart paper ,paper strips 3mm, 5mm wide, needle tool, adhesive glue, scale, pro circle, Scissor, grey and violet acrylic colour,thermocol.


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