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Quilled Flowers Buke Wall Hanging

I created trendy paper quilled flower buke wall hanging. I used many attractive color combinations for these flower.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

For creating flowers cut the quilling paper into four equal pieces. U need seven pieces for each color flower.

step 2

I Quilled the paper and made small rounds. (I used a needle's backside & paint brush tip to make small rounds)

step 3

I pressed one side to get a tear drop shape .I made small coil by yellow in the center and colorful strips on the outer petals.

step 4

I made 7 petals of each colour.Glue them to the center portion to make the flowers.

step 5

Use same step for leaves and green strips for flower's steams.

step 6

I Assembled all the designes and stuck them one by one with glue according to design on chart paper and cover it with a transparent sheet.

You Will Need

3 mm Paper strips, Needle tool, Glue, Chart paper, Transparent sheet Paint brush and Pen, Ribbon bow.


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