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Long Quilled Vase 30cm height 13cm diameter

The vase is made in 3 parts with precise geometry and dimensions. The three parts are joined together in a seamless manner.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a vase to be used as mould. Cover it with polythese sheet. Start pasting simple quilled shapes on the mould. (See bottom of the picture).

step 2

Hold the paste shape together against the mould with rubber band.

step 3

Make a filigree with quilled shapes for the central part of the vase.

step 4

Paste the shapes on the mould in 3 parts, keeping them separate so that the mould can be taken out.

step 5

After fevicol on the three parts has dried, remove them from the mould- see bottom portion here.

step 6

And remove the top and middle portions also.

step 7

Join the three parts together with fevicol.

step 8

Paste quilled flowers on the middle portion.

step 9

Let it dry- the final product is ready.

You Will Need

Quilling Paper Strips, Fevicol


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Posted 7 months ago

Vowww beautiful creation with perfection


Posted 7 months ago

Beautiful work. Very creative and innovative work. Love your quilled vase. Wish could learn from you this beautiful art of yours. So much patience you have. Hats off to you.


Posted 7 months ago

1. I have entered 'Expert' level of skill for this piece. 2. I have designed and made the quilled pendant light shade included on your first page for this competition.


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