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A colourful flowery garden with beautiful butterflies, dragonfly and bees. U can hang it as a ceiling decor or a door-decor.

How To Do it Yourself

step 1

I pasted strips of paper (news paper) onto the balloon, so as to cover the whole balloon. I Put 2 layers of papers. Once it dried (approx 12 hrs), I cut the mouth of the balloon in circular shape. The paper dries up to form a firm surface. Now, discard the balloon. I painted the paper in blue acrylic color. And the huge paper dome is ready.

step 2

I cut the fringe of the paper, and curled each fringe and rolled it around a thin stick ( You can use wire too)

step 3

I took two different coloured quilling strips and cut the fringe. Stuck the two paper as shown in the picture. For the center piece of the flower, a small quiling strip was stuck at one end of the friged paper.

step 4

For the Teddy bear: I Cut the fringe of the paper, and rolled them using quilling tool to form the head (2 quilling strips length), body (3 strips length), hands and legs (1 quilling strip each). Dome shape was made for the nose and ears, and a small black dot was stuck to the nose. For the eyes too, similar black dot was used. Two bears were made using this procedure. Both the teddy bears were stuck back to back with a ribbon in between, so as to hang it below the hanging decor

step 5

A chart paper was cut into round shape (size similar to the mouth of the huge paper dome). A hole was pierced in the center of the chart paper and ribbon (with teddy bear) was stuck into it. Using fevicol, the chart paper was stuck to the mouth of the huge paper dome.

step 6

Few of the quilled creations for the hanging decor

step 7

On the huge paper dome, I stuck the flowers, leaves, flies in the pattern of my choice

step 8

Top view of the hanging decor

step 9

Hanging decor - Completed

You Will Need

Balloon, News paper, acrylic colour (blue), fevicol, Quilling paper, Quilling tool, thin ribbon, Small piece of chart paper, scissor.


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