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This is my entry for CraftYourFame, Invite beautiful spring into your living room with this beautiful floral chandelier and restore the spring forever.

How To Do it Yourself

step 1

make a coil with few strings of binding wire and cover it with brown floral tape

step 2

stick 10 mm brown strip on the coil with glue

step 3

stick brown strip like a plus in the middle of coil

step 4

make fringes to 10 mm strips of different colors to make flowers and add 3 mm contrast strip at one end. Roll it and apply glue to secure the flower

step 5

after glue dries open the flowers which would look like this.

step 6

Make paper cups following the above steps, I used 7x7 square paper, for centre piece I used six cups and five for the rest added thread in the middle to hang it

step 7

made leaves with combing technique with 3mm green strips.

step 8

tied a string in the middle for hanging the chandelier and covered it with brown floral tape

step 9

and covered the string with leaves and flowers of paper.

step 10

close up look of the chandelier and added a butterfly in the middle.

step 11

final look of the floral chandelier.

You Will Need

material required:- 7x7 square papers, 10&3mm different coloured strips, binding wire, brown floral tape, glue, scissors.


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