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creeper and window

I was a wonderful experience for me while doing this work. I was really inspired by this group and learned so many things. This work was a result of that. This competition also motivated me to do something in a different way with this quilling technique.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

First I prepared round quilling pieces. Than given the shape. Assembled all these pieces in two layers to create beautiful flower shape as shown in the image. In this way I prepared many flowers.

step 2

Using paper strips I prepared round pieces and given conical shape.similarly I prepared green pieces. Taken a thin wire and a bead, tie that bead on one end, insert it through the center of green cone shaped quilling piece.than stick the pink cone shape von the green. Cover the wire with green floral tape. Prepared many number of floral budsas showh in image. Joined these buds and prepared bunches.

step 3

Cut CD into squares and stick it on the place to create Window glass effect. Cut the ice cream sticks and stick in the background to create brick effect. Painted this with gray paint. Using shilpkar designed the creeper near the window. Painted the leaves and stems in green. Then attached the quilling flowers and bunches of floral buds into this creeper. Now the beautiful wall decor is ready to display.

You Will Need

Pink and green paper strips, glue, wire, beads, green tape, CD ,ice cream sticks, shilpkar, paints (green,gray, yellow)


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