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This is my entry for contest in which i have shown a royal mother spending leisure time with her two daughters in garden. This is a 3D showpiece of quilling.

How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Basic step & for making WHITE DOLL 1. take 5mm quilling white strips, join 13 strips with fabric glue , make a round coil after this push the coil upward as mountain to make the skirt of doll asshown in fig. 1,2,3,4,5. 2. make top area by joining 7 strips, face by 5 strips, hands 3 strips move upward as shown in figure & join the body parts. 3. make leaf shape coil to make design on skirt area as i did. 4. make hairs by strips by curving the strip from the edge. 5. make eyes lips and other decoration on doll by 3D outliner.

step 2

for making PINK DOLL 1. basic top, hands, face , etc are to be made same as described in the above process. 2.. for making the skirt fluffy- make different shapes coils as u want in any color as u want. 3. after making desired shapes take a round bowl and join the coils, leaf shape etc by fabric glue in any combination as shown in fig. 1. 4. after drying take out the quilling combination from bowl cover it with fabric glue to make it fix. 5. for decorating the doll u can paste pearls, stones, outliner or any other thing u want. 6. hair do, eyes , lips are same as described in above step.

step 3

For making GREEN DOLL 1. take a chart paper, make it a cone of paper as shown in fig.1. 2. Paste it and make the lenght of doll skirt (paper cone) as u want. 3. Color it with fevicryl fabric colors. 4. Make quilling combinations on paper cone as per your creativity. 5. Make top area, face, hands, eyes, ears etc the same way as it is described in the above mentioned steps. 6. Decorate with stones, etc as you want.

step 4

For making garden 1. Take 10" MDF board paint it with green color. 2. paste round coils to make the effect of grass . 3. paste some flowers. 4. paste all the 3 doll as per you want. happy doll making !!!!! :)

You Will Need

5mm quilling strips fevicryl fabric glue fevicryl fabric colors scissors stones, pearls, ribbons, maf board etc.


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Posted 7 months ago

simply awestruck


Posted 7 months ago

u work so hard :)


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