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Upcycling Childhood

My childhood umbrella converted into a unique wall hanging

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a 1/2 cm green satin ribbon & stick it on the frill of the umbrella with the help of fevicol & put some pins to hold ribbon on umbrella

step 2

Take coloured beats, white pearls, decorative stars, umbrellas,butterflies,locks,keys ,etc, plastic pipes, plastic thread to tie them all & other decorative things.

step 3

Arrange all these decorative pieces in plastic thread . First one with 3 pipes.

step 4

Second with 2 pipes

step 5

And 3rd with 1 pipe.

step 6

Cover the handle of the umbrella with red satin ribbon

step 7

Add some pearls & coloured beats at the top of the umbrella.

step 8

Attach green ribbon at the top for holding umbrella.

step 9

Add some pink feathers.

step 10

Make some more decorative pieces & attach on the handle.

step 11

Stick some pearls on the frills

step 12

Tie all pipe strings on wires of the umbrella in 3, 2,1 manner & your wall hanging is ready

You Will Need

Materials Required : Childhood umbrella, Green & red satin ribbon, Decoration material ( white pearls, coloured beats , pipes, stars,umbrellas, locks , butterflies,etc ), Plastic thread, Pink feathers, Fevicol , Soft toy


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