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Rainbow Handfan

Rainbow Installation.....A rainbow coloured chinese hand fan..

How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Collect the material required to make the hand fan..

step 2

Take a rectangular sheet of paper and divide it (mark with pencil) into 6 parts..

step 3

Give rainbow colour to it using water colours..

step 4

For red colour, paste a red lace from the backside.

step 5

now start folding the paper as shown in the picture.. First from front

step 6

and then from backside..

step 7

Keep folding till end..

step 8

Stick the folded paper from the bottom...It can be tied to put some pressure...

step 9

Stick popsicle sticks on both the sides and let it dry...

step 10

Tadaaa !! Its ready..

You Will Need

Paper, Water colours, Glue, Red lace, Popsicle sticks, Brush, Scissors


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Arveen Raichur

Arveen Raichur

Posted 3 months ago

Beautiful work....!!

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