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Select the picture which you want to draw and draw the picture.Do the darker grey shades wherever needed in the picture ,like wise the lighter grey shades in the picture wherever necessary.And then with the help of finger or by the smooth cloth spread the

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

1.Select the picture and draw the picture,i will explain it with the simple single flower in all following steps with the picture.

step 2

2.Make the darker shades of grey in the picture wherever needed.

step 3

3.Make the lighter shades of grey in the picture wherever needed.And spread the shades with the help of finger or with the help of smooth cloth.it will give the evenly spread shade effect to the picture.

step 4

4.Finally with the help of pen-pencil(lead) darken the borders of the picture.it will give perfect shape with the shade to the picture.

step 5

5.That's how the flower looks like in the picture shown,like wise all these steps followed for the parrot picture(shown beside the flower picture).you can apply these steps to any of the picture you want to draw ,it will be defined and perfect looking.

You Will Need

1.pencil 2.rubber 3.sharpener 4.paper 5.pen-pencil(lead) 6.smooth cloth


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