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My paper quilled Lord Krishna and Kaliyanaag

I made this so I can show you what kind of different things we can make with the same paper quill tecnique

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Do it care fully, take time

step 2

This small pieces create the head and middle of the snake

step 3

Now you can understand what I meant in the previous step, do it carefully

step 4

Join the five heads carefully in the tube.... use plenty of glue and left it overnight so it can dry properly

step 5

This step is very important and crucial and very time consuming .... so do it properly with patient

step 6

Now you can paint the demon snake with whatever color you want to ... and add detailing to beautify it

step 7

That's how you can make the Lord Krishna, the same way we used in doll making

You Will Need

paper strips, ear bud, fevicryl 3d cone outliner and glue


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