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Jumping Frog

This jumping frog is fun to make

How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Fold and cut a square

step 2

Next cut the square in half

step 3

Fold the rectangle in half

step 4

Fold each square of the rectangle in triangle

step 5

Fold the square again in a triangle. This will make X Fold lines

step 6

Fold the Square in half

step 7

Tuck in the sides to make a triangle

step 8

Tuck the other side in the same way

step 9

Both sides tucked

step 10

Fold corners of the triangle twice

step 11

Flip over and fold the corners triangles towards the inside

step 12

Fold tail corner and tuck it inside

step 13

Fold bottom half down and stick the eyes

You Will Need

Green Color Paper, Plastic Craft Eyes


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