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Girl in Grey

This is a doll dresses up in grey dress holding a beautiful black umbrella. Hope you like it and here is the procedure to do it...

How To Do it Yourself

step 1

All you need in the first step is a binding wire

step 2

Mould the binding wire as shown in the picture with long legs.

step 3

Now take white tissue paper and shred it. Wth the help of glue attach it to the wire which we moulded in the form of a skeleton

step 4

Allow to dry it for the whole night

step 5

Take different grey shaded papers and ribbons and arrange it as dress to the doll

step 6

with the help of black thread add hair to the doll

step 7

For an umbrella, use a black paper and fan fold it. Tie it at the centre with a thread and open it back .

step 8

With the help of a binding wire create the handle for the umbrella.

step 9

Add a flower embellishment to the dress.

step 10

With the help some grey threads create a small tiara and tie it at the top of the doll.

step 11

attach all the parts and tadaaa.... Doll is ready... :)

You Will Need

Grey, White Tissue paper, ribbon, Black and grey silk threads, scissors


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Posted 3 months ago

Nice one Sindhi! All the best!! :)

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