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Double canopy boat

A lovely double canopy boat, cute, yet easy to make

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a square piece of paper

step 2

Fold the corners to the centre to create four crease lines and then fold the corners to meet the crease lines

step 3

Fold again along each crease lines

step 4

Turn the sheet over and fold the opposite edges to meet at the centre, and then fold the corners to meet the centre line as shown

step 5

Fold again to make the edges of the triangular portions meet the centre line. Then fold the tips to the centre

step 6

Press the centre and gently pull out on either sides

step 7

Pull out the flaps gently and the cute little double canopy boat is ready for a ride

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Posted 3 months ago

Thank you Maheshwari ????


Posted 3 months ago

cute boat , nice explanation :)

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