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Couple boat / Raja-Rani boat

It's a very easy to do boat which surly make you remember sweet childhood days.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

1. Take a square shape paper.

step 2

2. Fold it in half.

step 3

3. Again fold it into half.

step 4

4. Join it to middle line from both ends like this.

step 5

5. Turn the paper & again join it to middle line from both ends.

step 6

6. Now open each square like this.

step 7

7. After opening all squares it will look like this.

step 8

8. Then turn the paper.

step 9

9. Stick this part with fevicol.

step 10

10. So here you go... your Boat is ready.

step 11

11. You can always decorate it as you wish. As I called it Couple/Raja-Rani boat I decorated it with some paper punched heart cutouts and covered aluminium wire with this cutouts.

step 12

After decorating it looks like this. Happy Crafting !!! :)

You Will Need

1. Card paper 2. Fevicol 3. Design paper punch, aluminium wire (just for decoration)


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Pooja Chawla

Pooja Chawla

Posted 3 months ago

so cute

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