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Cool monsoon boat

Contest Image

A cool monsoon boat wit creative inputs..

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Cool monsoon boat

Materials needed

step 2

Cool monsoon boat

To make the boat,cut d sheet in the above pattern.

step 3

Cool monsoon boat

Crease d lines and fold,stick them using fevibond.

step 4

Cool monsoon boat

Decorate the corners using contrasting papers

step 5

Cool monsoon boat

Add wings to the boat.have created a pattern to male the wings interesting.

step 6

Cool monsoon boat

Paint the newspaper roll.cut a contrasting coloured paper in small and bigger rectangles.have added few patterns to the pink sheets.and punch holes on it

step 7

Cool monsoon boat

The patterned paper is inserted into the newspaper roll

step 8

Cool monsoon boat

The roll is inserted into the boat

step 9

Cool monsoon boat

Necessary enhancements are done to the boat..and its ready!!

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Different papers like handmade sheets,invitation cards,fabric glue,scissors,fevibond,acrylic colours,pencil,pens,brushes,newspaper roll


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Posted 11 months ago

this was the best one.. very beautiful..

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