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liquid embroidery on flower vase

beautiful flower with liquid embroidery. easy to make desired designs very fast. takes minimum time to work. very smooth to work on surface either it is cloth or earthen pot due it liquid embroidert nozzle .

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

took the simple earthen flower vase .wash it using water. it absorb the water in few seconds.

step 2

took the black acrylic colour add some amount of fevicol and add few drops of water on it. mix it well.

step 3

colour the whole outer surface as well as the base with this colour with the help of flat brush. let it dry for few seconds.

step 4

took washed cotton cloth make circle on it. i draw different sizes of circle on it.

step 5

cut all the circles with scissors and start sticking on the vase with the help of fevric glue. let it dry for few seconds.

step 6

started making polka dot designs on each circles with the help of liquid embroidery colours. while making next circe be careful bcoz it takes few minutes to dry completely.

step 7

process of completing all the circles

You Will Need

earthen flower vase,fevicol,water,black acrylic colour,flat brush,black cotton cloth,fevric glue,scissors,liquid embroidery colours


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