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Vintage shilpkar neckpiece

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Accessorizing is as important as following latest fashion trends.But getting ready and going out to buy these in this intense heat is a big NO NO.So STAY INSIDE STAY CREATIVE.Yes . . we can make a vintage looking chic neckpiece with fevicryl shilpkar c

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Vintage shilpkar neckpiece

Mix equal quantities from shilpkar resin base and shilpkar hardener, by rolling between palms till it becomes completely white Make 5 balls same as the size of chickpea and make other 5 smaller than previous ones.

step 2

Vintage shilpkar neckpiece

Take any jewelry piece like I have taken this beautiful earing , press it on big clay balls so that it's design gets imprinted on the clay

step 3

Vintage shilpkar neckpiece

Take smaller balls and pierce it to make a bead.make 5 beads following same process.

step 4

Vintage shilpkar neckpiece

Make two holes on imprinted clay surface to thread them into a chain.let it dry overnight. Next day Mix fevicryl black and white colour to make a shade of grey and with a brush paint all the beads and imprinted surface carefully.let it dry.

step 5

Vintage shilpkar neckpiece

Mix fevicryl white and green colour to make a teal shade and just brush off imprinted surface and beads to give vintage look.let it dry.

step 6

Vintage shilpkar neckpiece

Thread all the beads in old chain or thread . Here a classy neckpiece is ready, pair it with ethnic or western outfit and flaunt your creativity.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Fevicryl shilpkar clay, fevicryl black colour, fevicryl white colour, fevicryl green/Blue? colour, old chain/thread, paint brushes , earings for imprinting design


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