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Tribal dolls

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This will teach u how to make tribal dolls using recycled newspapers and fevicryl acrylic colours.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Tribal dolls

Using recycled newspapers, try holding it in such a way to make rolls of them .

step 2

Tribal dolls

Don't forget to apply Fevicol at the end to complete the roll. Try to make atleast 20-25 rolls.

step 3

Tribal dolls

Pick a roll and start twisting it as shown in the figure above. Apply some glue with the help of glue gun at the end. Use three to four rolls to make the base

step 4

Tribal dolls

Now, take a roll and fix it in the centre of the base as shown in the figure.

step 5

Tribal dolls

To make the skirt of the dress, cut 5-6 rolls into half and try to join the upper point of the rolls to the stick and the lower point to the base. Give it a slanting shape to make the flair of the dress.

step 6

Tribal dolls

Now , attempt to mould the doll as shown in the figure. Once the structure of the doll is been done we'll start to paint the doll.

step 7

Tribal dolls

Starting, with the body ,use black in the hands, face and the other parts of the body. Secondly, in the dress ,using sparking pearl dark blue in the skirt and Deep brilliant purple in the blouse. Also use the deep brilliant purple colour in the hat. Using the gold colour to varnish the accessories and the belt of the skirt. Lastly, utilising Indian red colour in the baskets holded by the right and left hand, we finish the painting of the doll.

step 8

Tribal dolls

Last but not the least we obtain the required doll with us

You Will NeedYou Will Need

1. recycled newspapers 2. glue gun / Fevicol 3. fevicryl acrylic colours . Shades are: • black 02 ( for the body ) • sparkling pearl dark blue 904 ( for the skirt) • deep brilliant purple 64 ( hat and the blouse) • gold 08 ( for accessories and belt) • Indian red 10 ( for the base and the baskets.


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