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Stationery holder

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An attractive desk accessory which can be used while working at your desk at home or in the office. It is made totally out of waste paper objects & will definitely give you the satisfaction of a reduced carbon footprint !

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Stationery holder

Take 4 empty Pringles or any other cylindrical containers & cut off the top rim. All 4 to be of the same height.

step 2

Stationery holder

Take the used foil roll pipe , cut it to required height.

step 3

Stationery holder

Coat the cylinders with texture white .

step 4

Stationery holder

Paint the cylinders with white fevicryl acrylic colour and allow to dry.

step 5

Stationery holder

As the cylinders are drying stick the pink macrame thread around the pipe wit Fevibond .

step 6

Stationery holder

With pink acrylic colour miake crooked vertical brush strokes on each cylinder. Paint similar grey strokes in between the pink strokes.

step 7

Paint the bottom areas of the cylinders with grey acrylic colour and shading of pink in between.

step 8

Stationery holder

Stuff the packets with crushed newspaper & seal .

step 9

Stationery holder

Using Fevicol cover the packets completely with decorative paper .

step 10

Stationery holder

Cover & seal the top and bottom open edges of the macrame rolled pipe with notebook cardboard discs.

step 11

Stationery holder

Cover the top & bottom areas of the pipe with decorative paper tapes.

step 12

Stationery holder

Using Fevibond stick the 2 wrapped packets to the central pipe.

step 13

Stationery holder

Decorate the top edges of the 4 cylinders with paper tape.

step 14

Stationery holder

Again using Fevibond stick the cylinders to the pipe & the packets.The packets help to give a stronger stable bond between the cylinders .

step 15

Stationery holder

Check all the junctions and apply Fevibond if necessary .

step 16

Stationery holder

Assembled product looks like this.

step 17

Stationery holder

Cut a square from the notebook cardboard cover and using Fevicol wrap it with decorative paper. Stick it to the base with Fevibond to cover the junction of the cylinders,pipe and packets. Also coat the cylinders with picture varnish .

step 18

Stationery holder

Finished product !

You Will NeedYou Will Need

4 empty Pringles/ any other cylindrical containers, 1 empty foil roll cardboard pipe ,2 empty medicine packets, macrame thread , decorative paper, paper tapes, Fevicryl acrylic colours , Fevicol, Fevibond, used notebook cardboard cover & cutter


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