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PVC raindeer

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This raindeer is a very inovative idea and is simple to make,it can be used as a room decor or can be kept in gardens. Best out of waste.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

PVC raindeer

Cut down the pipe into different sizes for the body, legs and neck.

step 2

PVC raindeer

Join elbow joints with the legs.

step 3

PVC raindeer

Join the legs together using 4-way joints as shown in the picture.

step 4

PVC raindeer

Join the neck with the rest of the body.

step 5

PVC raindeer

Connect the bulb holder with the wire and mount it on the neck's 4-way joint, pass the wire through the whole body.

step 6

PVC raindeer

Join the bulb to the holder.

step 7

PVC raindeer

Join the branches to the bulb holder.

step 8

PVC raindeer

Paint everything white using the spray paint.

step 9

PVC raindeer

Connect the wire with the plug.

step 10

PVC raindeer

Your deer is ready.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

PVC pipe, elbow joints, 4-way joints, bulb, bulb holder, wire, plug, electric tape, spray paint and blade.


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