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Phoenix - Born out of ashes (waste)

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Paper mache phoenix decorated with gift wrapping paper.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Draw and cut out a swan shape from the cardboard.

step 2

Crumple the aluminium foil and stick on both sides to make the stuffed body of the bird. You can use foam plates on both sides to give a curved appearance

step 3

Mix 1 cup maida with 1 cup water to make paper mache paste

step 4

Tear the papers into strips, dip in the paper masche paste and flatten between fingers to remove excess paste. Paste these strips one touching another

step 5

Cover the entire bird and let it dry for a day

step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 three times to make a solid 3 layer paper mache shape

step 7

Once this dries, cut small feathers from red and golden gift wrapping paper and stick layer by layer like feathers covering the entire bird.

step 8

Cut out wings with light cardboard and stick folding plastic straws under the wings so that the wing angle can be changed as desired

step 9

Stick gift wrapping paper feathers on wings also

step 10

Stick the wings on the body

step 11

Cut out cardboard shapes for legs and claw and apply with 2 layers paper mache. Attach with bird when dry

step 12

Stick the bird on the cake base

step 13

Paint the legs black and face rust color with fevicryl metallic paint. Use golden color for beak and claws.

step 14

Stick pista shells for the eyes and enhance eyes with permanent black marker.

step 15

Make long cuts in a use and throw red plastic cup and stick on head.

step 16

The phoenix made out of waste is ready.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

paper gift wrappers use and throw plastic cup fevicryl metallic paint (rust color, golden color) used cake board Foldable plastic straws - 6 (to move wings) Cardboard from old box Aluminium foil Foam plates pista shells


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