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Jewellery holder from tissue rolls and old plastic container

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An all in one jewellery holder made from old tissue paper rolls and a plastic container(parcel container). This is a very compact design and also holds watches,bangles,earrings and chains. A super compact and easy to make best out of waste project which i

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Jewellery holder from tissue rolls and old plastic container

In the bigger roll,mark the centre and and mark the diameter of the smaller roll on to the marked centre of the bigger roll. Cut on the marked diameter in order to make an opening in the bigger roll. Apply some fevicol on one of the edges of the smaller roll and fix it into the opening formed in the bigger roll. This forms the base for your bangle holder

step 2

Jewellery holder from tissue rolls and old plastic container

Now place the joined rolls and mark out2 marks on the plastic container which would be cut in order to creat space to hang the bangles. place the cut piece on the base plastic piece and mark 2 intersection points in order to join both the plastic pieces one on top of the other. Make small slits at the 2 intersection points and fix the 2 pieces with each other. Use some fevibond to make the fixture stay strong.

step 3

Jewellery holder from tissue rolls and old plastic container

Colour the plastic base with the acrylic colour of your choice(I have used black Fevicryl acrylic paint).Once the paint dries mark dots on the colours plastic base. Use the safety pin,heat it using a candle and make holes in the base. These holes are your earring holding spaces. Fix a stone or a old dried piece of clay in the bangle holder base,this adds weight to the bangle holder and balaces the whole design.Paint the bangle holder base as per your wish. Here I have painted the small roll with black fevicryl acrylic paint and drawn waves with hobby ideas glass outliner. Filled the waves with different colours from the fevicryl acrylic paints.

step 4

Jewellery holder from tissue rolls and old plastic container

Use Fevibond/Fevikwik and join the 2 pieces created as shown in the picture. This completes your jewelry holder. The little empty space between the bangle holder base and the earring holder base can be used to hold you chains/necklaces.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

1. One toilet tissue roll(only the left out cardboard piece) 2. One kitchen tissue roll(only the left out cardboard piece),this should be the longer roll 3.One plastic parcel container(you can choose the size as per your requirement/availability) 4.Scale for measurement,some brushes for painting,a pencil/pen for marking,a cuttre,an old safety pin,a candle to heat the cutter/pin to make holes and cut the plastic easiy 5.Fevicryl acrylic paints (colours of your choice 6.Hobby ideas glass outliner 7.Fevicol MR 8.Feviquick/Fevibond


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