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Home sweet home

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My project is inspired from blossom n happiness we feel about our home,I have used thermocal n corrgrated sheet,u can use it like photo frame I have given substitute n other ideas of the material I have used,I believe nothing is waste of a Crafter so enjo

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Home sweet home

i have taken a ply wood piece size 9"/9.5"n cover it with canvas sheet u can use canvas board or any shadow box also available in itsy bitsy after that I applied gesso (how to make gesso add 2 tsp ceramic powder + 1pidilight fevicol + little drops of water )on this

step 2

Home sweet home

I have used a window frame chipboard ( if u don't have this u can cut cardboard in square or cut out in Window shape or u can paste? a pic of cardboard too ) then i drawn a out lining of the fream after place it on my canvas

step 3

Home sweet home

After decided where to place this window n outline I have used my stencil on the remaining part on the canvas for this u can use any modeling paste

step 4

Home sweet home

cut corrgrated sheet in 3 different sizes first is 2", second is 1.5"n last 1" paste them all one by one on the top of the canvas little slant to make roof with glue gun

step 5

Home sweet home

I cut 2 tharmacol piece in leaghth 9.5" n in width is almost 3/4" for both the side right n left to make pillar n one in of 3" n paste it in bottom i made stairs with corrgrated sheet by paste them like stair

step 6

Home sweet home

I have cut a lone strip from corrgrated sheet to cover the bottom thermocol after that applied gesso then done stencil wrok on pillar, stairs,n the bottom strip with the molding paste

step 7

Home sweet home

have pasted all the the parts in place except window frame

step 8

Home sweet home

now I stated colors I have used spray colors for color this but u can use hobby ideas acrylic colors (ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, olive green n little white u can dilute these colors with little colors n apply with water one by one or u can use brush also) for my stairs I have used acrylic black n white two shades to make dark gray shade

step 9

Home sweet home

After that I have made my flowers for this u can use (deep brilliant purple,golden yellow shade of hobby ideas acrylic colors mix little water n spread one by one with brush on plastic sheet n take a paper n pull up all the colors on paper as shown in above pic n cut flowers from that shaded paper,I used ball tool to grave them to give little embossed look

step 10

Home sweet home

Paste all the flowers on the top of my home roof,Add some more emblishments like cycle chipboard, mirror, clock, for colors the cycle i have used gesso first then paint with deep brilliant purple acrylic n black acrylic paint to give it a shining look I have used Pearl metallic gold

step 11

Home sweet home

At last made a little bird with air dry clay n put it on the top, add a stamp image of home sweet home n to give it complete look, Hope u like my wrok n enjoy my post

step 12

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Hobby ideas black,white,deep brilliant purple, Pearl metallic gold, spray colors ,pink,blue, yellow for background colors, canvas, gesso, moulding paste, thermocal, corrgrated sheet,glue gun, chipboards, metallic emblishments


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