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Handmade katputli with waste materials

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It's a Katputli which craft belongs from Rajasthan....i am housewife with my w months baby but i am very crazy about crafts so when i was saw for this contest cant stop myself.Last few days i was trying to make this katputli with waste materials and some

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

First you will take foil roll and cut the halfway,also take thermocol glass and cut the halfway.Halfway cutting thermocol glass attached with cello tape on the half cutting front site of foil roll.

step 2

Then take a shilpkar and knead very smoothly when it feels warm.then roll with belan like making a small chapati and attached with fevicryl non stitch fabril glue on the front side of thermocol glass.When drying the shilpkar sometimes it comesout so i attached with glue and smooth the surface with water.Just it looks like plain surface,also take a piece of shilpkar and roll like small long piece and attached on the plain surface with glue,its comes out like nose shape.Then attached on the front side of foil roll some tissues with cello tape looks like katputli's body and chest part.

step 3

Taking a 3 pieces of different color fabric cloths.For blouse i was taking yellow color 40cms long and 24cms width and folded double,cut the both side like a hand shape.then i have taken some tissues and rolled it and putting it in the hands portion and stitch with kneedle.it looks like hands.

step 4

Stitches the red color of fabric for katputli skirt(size 90cms) ,you can also used printed fabric.I was stitched both up and down side and for down side of skirt i am seewing some blue fabric and golden jari.you can decorate your own way.

step 5

Then taking blue color fabric 90cms and attached different color beads and chumkis with fevicryl non stitch fabric glue.Seewing golden jari infront of oneside of fabric.It's making for katputli ghonghat (churni).

step 6

Now color the katputli face with fevicryl flesh tint with 2-3coats,then draw eyes,eyebrows,hair with black color,lips and bindi with crimson color.Take a any waste paper piece and roll like a cone shape and attached with fevicryl non stitch fabric glue top of the katputli head. Making head jewellery with some beads and attached,neck piece and nose earings with wire(when you will making a nose just hole it for nose earings).For nose earings put the wire into the hole and attached the cellotape backside of head,also neck piece used with wire.

step 7

Then attached yellow color blouse (you can use any color or printed fabric for blouse) on the katputli body what we have made with foil roll and tissues.Asper fitness of cloth using some seewing.then attached red color skirt on the foil roll (i can seewing some thread on the upper side of skirt and attached the skirt on the foil roll rest of thread with many knots. Attached the blue color beads decorated churni on the head of katputli.

step 8

When all parts are attached just you will many more decorated asper your choice.I am decorated the blouse also.Trying to explore my creativity,maybe its helpful

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Thermocol glass,foil roll,waste paper piece,scissor,wire,wire twizer,cello tape,some fabric cloths,different beads and chumkis,some golden jari,tissues,fevicryl black 02 no,flesh tint 30 no,crimson 04 no,fevicryl non stitch fabric glue,fevicryl shilpkar.


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