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Diy fairy lanterns

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Upcycle tins cans to make beautiful fairy lanterns

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Diy fairy lanterns

Things required:- Tin cans Fevicryl soft acrylic and sparking pearl colors Hammer and nails Decorative aluminium wire

step 2

Diy fairy lanterns

Procedure:- Take the tin cans and clean them thoroughly Draw design of your choice or you can use a template to draw the pattern

step 3

Diy fairy lanterns

Fill the tin cans with water and freeze overnight until it's solid The ice helps the can from bending when you punch the holes

step 4

Diy fairy lanterns

Now it's time to punch the holes place the sharp nail above the pattern and gently tap with the hammer

step 5

Diy fairy lanterns

I painted the tin in cool blue color I mixed the soft acrylic "WHITE-227" and "SPARKING PEARL TURQUOISE BLUE 905" color

step 6

Diy fairy lanterns

You can also punch the sides to hang your laterns

step 7

Diy fairy lanterns

Place the tea light candle inside the tin and your lanterns are ready Note:- you can also use cold drinks tins Cut the tin into half be very careful while cutting the tin Now scrub the sand paper to make the edges blunt and repeat the above procedure

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Things required Tin cans Fevicryl soft acrylic "WHITE-227"and sparking pearl "TURQUOISE BLUE 905" Hammer and nails Decorative aluminium wire


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