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Designer Gift Box

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Turns a waste box into a Designer Gift Box after work of SHILPKAR and Metallic Colors.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Designer Gift Box

Take a waste box.

step 2

Designer Gift Box

Glued the complete box with FeviGlue

step 3

Designer Gift Box

Paste Designer Handmade Sheet over glued area.

step 4

Designer Gift Box

Leave it for few minutes to dry.

step 5

Designer Gift Box

Now, Make Border on BOX with Fevicryl SHILPKAR

step 6

Designer Gift Box

Also Make some designs with Fevicryl SHILPKAR over box. and leave it to dry again for 45 minutes.

step 7

Designer Gift Box

Now, Take a Black Acrylic Color and colored the shilpkar part only.

step 8

Designer Gift Box

Now, Again leave it to dry for few minutes.

step 9

Designer Gift Box

Now, when Black color dried. then apply Copper Pearl Metallic Color on Border and Golden Pearl Metallic Color on other Design part. also paste a Quelling strip on side of box. and leave it to dry for few minutes again.

step 10

Designer Gift Box

Now, Your box is ready to pack gift.

step 11

Designer Gift Box

Pack the gift and wrap with a plastic band (optional).

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Waste Box, Fevicryl SHILPKAR, Pearl Metallic Color (Copper & Golden), Black Acrylic Color, FeviGlue, Designer Handmade Sheet


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