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Decorative flower pot

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It is made from leftover cardboard tube from bubble wrap role, I don't want to throw it as waste so turn over it into a beautiful decorative show piece with the help of fevicryl products.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Decorative flower pot

Material - card board tube, card board piece for base, fevicryl shilpkar , fevicryl acrylic colours, brushes fevicryl, decorative lace, scissor, pencil etc.

step 2

Decorative flower pot

Draw the size of tube on the card board to close it from one side.

step 3

Decorative flower pot

Now cut the circle and stick it with fevicol.

step 4

Decorative flower pot

Now colour it with fevicryl blue acrylic colour

step 5

Decorative flower pot

Take shilpkar clay & make different shapes as shown African style faces, petals, circles, leaves etc.

step 6

Decorative flower pot

After drying colour them all with different fevicryl acrylic colours black, red,orange, pink, yellow, green.

step 7

Decorative flower pot

Lastly stick a dori with fevicol on the top and let it be dry. Varnish it. It's ready to decorate.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

1.Card board roll or tube (leftover as waste material from bubble wrap roll), 2. card board small piece to close from one side. 3.Fevicryl acrylic colours, 4.brushes 5.Fevicryl shilpkar, 6.decorative dori, 7.Fevicol, 8.cutter, 9.Pencil, 10.Scissor.


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