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Beautiful cycle made out of waste products

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This beautiful cycle isn't only a decorative item but can also be used for storage purposes

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Beautiful cycle made out of waste products

Take a CD and fix it on the side of the disposable container and let it dry. Now fix the 2nd CD on the other side of the container

step 2

Take 3rd CD and fix 2 ice cream sticks on the both side of the CD with the help of glue.

step 3

Take another ice cream stick and fix it on the former ice cream sticks so that they make the handle of the cycle.

step 4

Now take the 1st partiality of the cycle and join it with the 2nd part with the help of a slit in the disposable container so that it can stand properly

step 5

Take fevicryl hobby ideas acrylic colour of your choice and colour the whole cycle and let it dry

step 6

Now decorate the cycle with the help of beads and stars and your cycle cum decorative piece is ready

You Will NeedYou Will Need

3 old cd' s, some ice cream sticks, glue, disposable container or glass, fevicryl hobby ideas acrylic colour & decorative beads and stars.


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