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Baby mobile

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A colorful mobile to be hung over the baby's swing (palna). Its made using old newspapers, fevicol, fevicryl acrylic colors.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Baby mobile

Cut strips of newspaper

step 2

Baby mobile

Using an empty gel pen refill, starting rolling the paper strip from the corner

step 3

Baby mobile

Similarly make 50 newspaper pipes.

step 4

Baby mobile

Take a pipe and start quilling it from one end.

step 5

Baby mobile

Add glue and join another pipe to the end. Continue till you have joined 40 pipes

step 6

Baby mobile

Gently with your fingers, push the plate towards one direction. Slowly carve a cone out of the plate.

step 7

Baby mobile

Similarly make 12 cones using 1 pipe for one cone.

step 8

Baby mobile

Cover them with fevicol and let it dry.

step 9

Baby mobile

Towards the end rim of the bigger cone, hang the small cones in equal distance. Color them brightly and draw attractive designs. Add a string to the top and hang it in your baby's swing.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Newspapers, fevicol, acrylic colors


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Posted 3 months ago

This is cool and creative ???? Really one of the best out of waste !

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