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Antique lantern..

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made up of calendar sheet.. old fabric and hobby ideas fabric glue ...i used this piece of fabric as it matches my room's earthen colour decor perfectly... :)

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Antique lantern..

sheet of an old calendar that is thick ..height and width would be according to the size of lantern u want ..

step 2

Antique lantern..

divide the sheet into the no. of sides u want your lantern to be of..like divided it in 6 equal parts for a 6 sided lantern ...make triangles like shown in the picture either equal or of different sizes ..i have taken bigger ones at top and smaller for the bottom ..makes lines .25" to the outer of the lines for the extra paper to stick together..cut on the outer lines and give a crease on the inner lines..top n bottom both..!!

step 3

Antique lantern..

take a hard sheet of paper make a design that usually antique lanterns have or any of ur own choice..be sure its not too small or big..and cut it.. Trace it in each section of the lantern taking the center and then cut along that shape as shown in the picture ,,(i used scissors and cutter both) for the finesse ..

step 4

Antique lantern..

take a piece of old fabric (i used one left from a dress that i got stitched long time back)...or a new if u want ..stick in on the sheet with fabric glue generously with a brush ..using slightly wet hands to get rid of the bubbles simultaneously ..

step 5

Antique lantern..

now after the fabric glue is dry ..cut the fabric to the design we have already made in the center and then use glue on top of the fabric as mod podge. let it dry properly.. give hints of metallic colors to give the rustic antique finish (not too much ) i used bronze and copper of hobby ideas.

step 6

Antique lantern..

punch single holes on top of the triangle( to tie later) and in the center of the design as shown in the picture..just to add up to the design intricacy .. cut cellophane sheets to the size of the divided sections and stick them as shown ..! put together the base by overlapping the triangles and sticking them with a glue gun.

step 7

Antique lantern..

now put together the top with a glue gun leaving one triangle open ...put the bulb in the holder in the lantern from that open triangle..tie the triangles together with any thread of your choice to keep it in place.. decorate the lantern as u want ,,,i used pompoms at the bottom that i made out of the wool i had at home .. with gota flowers.. and a lil bigger pom poms on the top..

step 8

Antique lantern..

and tadaa..... ur antique lantern is ready which is completely made out of waste things i had with me at home. hope u make even better ones :)

You Will NeedYou Will Need

1-thick sheet of old calendar. 2-old piece of fabric in the size of lantern u intend to make 3-hobby ideas fabric glue 4-hobby ideas metallic colors 5-scissors 6-cutter 7-scale, pencil 8-cellophane sheet 9-punching machine 10-painting brush 11-glue gun


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